Community Guidelines

Guidelines for use of this site and all of our club’s venues:

1. Show up.

If you only do things when an adult chases you down and stands over you to watch you, you aren’t in control of your life. This club is for people who want to grow in their control, so it is your job to show up. Check the forums, check in with your peers and the adult volunteers, work on your projects. Set an alarm to remind you or put it on a calendar, reach out and ask questions if you need help.

Showing up is the act of being where you need to be and really being there:

  • Take responsibility for connecting to our forum and chat regularly, and finding out what is going on.
  • Don’t expect anyone to read your mind (we want to help, but if you don’t ask, we don’t know what you need).
  • Be present…if you are here but your mind is somewhere else, you didn’t really show up.
  • Own your own behavior:
  • Volunteer. If you just do the minimum, you won’t get as much out of the experience as if you seek out ways to be there for your peers and help out the group.

2. Be polite.

I’m sure we’ll have some fun along the way, but this club is about learning, working, and getting things that we want from life. To do that, it’s important to behave in ways that allow us all to work together. School cliques and drama stay outside. Here, we work together.

  • Assume positive intent. In other words, instead of looking for a reason to be angry or offended by what someone said or did, assume until proven otherwise that they tried their best. We all make mistakes, we all miscommunicate.

  • Don’t try to be right, try to find the right solution. If you want to never fail, never be wrong, then you can’t do anything new or interesting. We’ll disagree from time to time. Part of being successful is training your brain to care more about coming up with a good solution to a problem than about who was right or whose answer was used.

  • Keep things SFW. Humor and camaraderie are great, but this is still a place to get things done. Please make sure that talk, links, and files (including images) in our club venues are “safe for work”. That is, they should be the sort of thing that you can share in a professional workplace made up of people with many different backgrounds and opinions. This isn’t the place for off-color jokes, gross or sexual content, or anything that could get folks in unnecessary legal trouble.

  • Be gracious. People are energized and motivated when they trust that others will treat them well, when the good things they do are valued, and when the mistakes they make can be learned from rather than held against them. Your behavior will help determine whether our group is that kind of group. Instead of thinking how someone deserves to be treated, ask “what is the best way I could reasonably treat this person?” Instead of looking out for what you think you deserve, treat others so well that the standard will be to treat people (including you) well.

3. Do the work.

A personal trainer can’t make you strong, and a teacher can’t make you smarter. In the end, other people can give you advice, tools, and help, but unless you try new things, read books, listen to podcasts, experiment, think, fail, and learn your life won’t change. This club was built to provide tools and information that haven’t been commonly available in our community until now.

Your part in this is to work hard, to overcome failures, and to learn from as many sources as you can. The world is changing, and only by constantly improving yourself will you get anywhere.

Don’t blame, regret, or worry… choose the things that you can control, and make them better.